Tele-Health Navigational Tool

In response to recent health issues, Nutley Family Service Bureau is pleased to offer Tele-Health sessions to all clients with access to a smartphone. Tele-Health will permit psychotherapy sessions to take place while respecting social distancing. We will go live on Thursday, March 19th. Your cooperation is key. DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE AS PDF.

1. If you have canceled a recent session and would like to reschedule using the Tele-Health platform, call NFSB at 973 667 1884, opt.1.

2. If you have an upcoming appointment, expect a call from the NFSB Office confirming your interest in using the Tele-Health option. Remember access to a smartphone is essential.

Tele-Health3. Immediately before your initial Tele-Health session start time, expect a text or email regarding your “telemedicine visit” and prompting you to download the AnywhereCare™ application.

Tele-Health4. You will click on the link provided in the email and download the AnywhereCare™ application.

5. Install the AnywhereCare™ application and agree to the terms and conditions.

6. After you agree to the Terms of Service, you may be prompted to return to your text message with an “Unable to Connect” message. Return to the original text message and click the link in the text message a second time.

7. Allow the application time to complete the download.

8. When the application has completed the download, your Tele-Health session will begin and you will wait for your clinician to join your session.

9. You will receive an email from the NFSB billing-team which will address payment. If we do not have your email on record, you will be contacted by phone.

During this critical time, we are asking all clients with smartphones to use the Tele-Health option. We will return to in-person sessions once this high-risk period has passed.

Please feel free to call the NFSB at 973 667 1884, opt.1 with questions.

Thank you for your cooperation!