Vince LoCurcio Remembrance

Vincent and Carol LoCurcioNutley Family Service Bureau is saddened by the loss of Vincent LoCurcio III. If the measure of a man is in the lives that he touched*, then by that yardstick Vince was a giant, especially when the measure is taken with regard to his support of NFSB. Vince’s behind the scenes contributions were foundational in bringing NFSB into the 21st century. His conceptualizations for organizational expansion helped to position NFSB to become a reliable and responsive agency to meet evolving community needs. His participation as the Community Member of the NFSB Strategic Plan Committee helped to chart the course of our future. When NFSB stood at a crossroads, he and his wife Carol, were instrumental in steering continuity of mental health operations and together they seeded the vision for the Psychotherapy Center. Their efforts impacted countless lives in essential and positive ways.

If the measure of a man is not his power, but what he does with his power*, then surely that metric is immense as Vince used his considerable community resources with unflagging generosity and humility. He never hesitated to volunteer his service. He and Carol undertook chairing or hosting various benefits: Annual Charity Ball 2009; 100 Year Gala in 2013; Bedford 100th Birthday Celebration; numerous Party in the Park fundraisers; along with Graeme Hardie, conceived and implemented the tremendously popular Mountsier-Hardie Garden Parties. For the countless additional events, Vince’s energy, business acumen, and personal touch never failed to optimize both proceeds and conviviality.

If the measure of a man is found in the things he cares about*, then we know Vince had an outsized wellspring of care and commitment to uplift those who face daunting challenges. Among his many humanitarian endeavors, he invested significant time and talent in positioning NFSB to respond to local food insecurity. Vince’s largess was remarkable in big and small ways, from designing the footprint and shelving in the Food Pantry renovation, to making available ShopRite supplies to stock those shelves, to always being available for whatever exigent circumstance arose.

Perhaps the true measure of Vince LoCurcio is more accurately, simply incalculable. His legacy of benevolence, philanthropy, and good will is immeasurable, and we are grateful to have had him among us.
*Ernie Banks, **Plato, ***Marcus Aurelius