Volunteer Testimonials

The following sample of volunteer testimonials are representative of the sentiments expressed to NFSB staff during our recent food drive (testimonials collected by Joyce Corey and published in the Nutley Neighbors Magazine April 2018 issue):

“Providing food for others is bedrock human nature. Friends reconnect over food. Mourners celebrate lives with it. The pantry is an extension of this provisioning process. There is a great deal of work behind the scenes to collect and sort the donations. Everyone has a share in the conclusion: seeing the clients come and go with groceries.” – Ken

“The purpose of the NFSB Food Pantry, to serve others less fortunate than ourselves, is what keeps me coming back on a weekly basis. That, and the staff, makes it very easy to play a small role in helping the Nutley community in a worthwhile enterprise.” – Rob

“I’ve been with the food pantry for three years. Food is distributed every other week and people are so grateful to receive the food. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to do this.” – Angel

“My family became involved with the Nutley Family Service Bureau after my daughter and I took a tour of the food pantry a year ago. I was amazed at the breadth of work that the NFSB does and the steadfast support they provide to our community. The volunteers’ dedication and tireless effort are an inspiration.” – Erin

“Until March 2017, the only thing I knew about the NFSB Food Bank is that I filled a bag with groceries and it magically disappeared. Last year, for the first time, I volunteered on the day the entire effort came together and I was in awe of the well-organized, productive, and enthusiastic team that processed more than 20,000 food items in a relatively short period of time. To have been a part of this food drive was truly a rewarding and heart-warming experience that I plan to repeat.” – Margit

“I have been a volunteer at the Nutley Family Service Bureau Food Pantry since December of 2017. Although only a short period of time, I already feel part of the NFSB family with both the volunteers and the neighbors we are assisting. The amount of time and effort that goes into maintaining the food pantry was eye-opening to a newcomer like myself. There are so many moving parts and challenges including our temporary location at Saint Paul’s Church. Yet by the time a distribution week rolls around, everything runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. NFSB truly has a remarkable set of volunteers that want the food pantry to prosper and help those in need and I am glad to be part of its family.” – Jaime

“I have been with the NFSB since Christmas and have helped in the food pantry, and even went to the food bank to assist. I help when I can and it makes me feel good to help those in need.” – Bill

“I enjoy interacting with the clients when I get a chance and suggesting recipes appropriate for the available goods.” – Chantal

“Volunteering at the NFSB gives me an opportunity to help and inspire others that are in need.” – Ronan, Boy Scout

“It feels good to assist people in getting the food and help that they need.” – Brendan, Boy Scout

“I’m always happy to help those that are in need. Hours well spent, seeing a positive impact in the community.” – Parent Patrick

“I have absolutely loved volunteering at the Nutley Family Service Bureau. It has been a great experience! From the first day I started, I felt a part of the team. As a volunteer I am given responsibilities and people trust that I will get them done. I am able to use my talents, strengths, and abilities to help others and also learn and grow from other’s talents, strengths, and abilities. We help each other and support each other in all we do. I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to volunteer in the Nutley Family Services Bureau.” – Sister Larsen, Church of Latter Day Saints

“When you are volunteering here, you are not only meeting the needs of the community, but supporting a great worldly cause of unifying one another together. It is truly, truly, amazing to see people utilize their time, talents, and energy to support the community and those who are in it. What I love about my volunteering at the Nutley Family Service Bureau is serving people face to face and showing them that we care as well. When people come to pick up food bags they are always grateful for what they are given. If you have ever thought of helping people in need or who may need you, this is definitely the place to serve at.” Sister Richardson, Church of Latter Day Saints

“I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I’m from Idaho and have been serving my mission here in New Jersey in the Spanish language for the last twenty months. I’ve been here in Nutley for the last six months and during that time have been volunteering at the Nutley Family Service Bureau. I love it here! Within my 20 months of my mission I’ve served in many organizations where service is provided for the public, and out of all of them I feel like the NFSB actually helps the individual live a better and fuller life.” – Elder Findlay, Church of Latter Day Saints