The following sample of client testimonials are representative of the sentiments expressed to NFSB staff throughout the year: “I experience a committed institution for people of all walks of life, who need support in their lives. I personally feel that a whole-hearted commitment has been made to me by way of extending the expertise of family counseling/therapy of a unique nature. I feel the safety, security and the pure commitments made by our family therapist. She has made a huge difference in our lives. I am so glad that such resources are available in the area. Not only for me/us, but to many people. I wish the director, Ms. Gardner, and her staff all success and many blessings for their commitment.” – NFSB Client, 2014 “NFSB means to me that I have choices in my life… that I have decisions that could make me an independent woman. The Tuesday Night Women’s group has given me a lot of truthful feedback. My therapist is learning more about me as the sessions go further. I am a unique individual with unique qualities and challenges I’ve overcome and will hopefully continue to overcome.” NFSB Client, 2014 “It is one of the few great mental health services that WORK even for those who may not be able to pay much. I greatly appreciate the efforts they make to accommodate my need for care with my income situation. I feel welcomed and safe/secure here as opposed to other outpatient services I’ve tried where they had seemed like cold offices with a revolving door of clients and emotionally distracted therapists and personnel… not here.” – NFSB Client, 2014 “Strength to go on living as a normal functioning human being. The doctor, therapists and staff are kind and understanding and work toward my recovery with me. I don’t know what I would have done if they had not been there to help me in my time of need.” – NFSB Client, 2014 “I will have help and guidance with the difficulties life sometimes presents us with. It means a transition phase that will help me learn about who I really am so I can be a better daughter, mother, friend and a better person. In all I hope to be more serene and decisive once I’m done with therapy at NFSB.” – NFSB Client, 2014 “NFSB is honestly not what I expected. Coming here I thought would be difficult because I don’t like sharing nor expressing my feelings. At first, it was scary and I didn’t feel as though talking to someone about my feelings was necessary. Being here made me realize that having someone to talk to isn’t so bad and that opening up is the best way to be understood. Nutley Family Service Bureau has showed me that there is nothing wrong with getting a little help.” – NFSB Client, 2014