Annual Appeal

Dear Neighbors,

Demand for mental health counseling and social service programs in the greater Nutley community continues to soar. Thanks to your generosity and support, Nutley Family Service Bureau, Inc. (NFSB) has been able to meet this demand, providing services that have a life-changing impact on individuals and families.

Consider how donors like you have made a difference. Joseph brought his son, Michael, to counseling at NFSB when he struggled to focus on his schoolwork. Joseph revealed that his parents had brought him to NFSB for counseling as an elementary school student for the same reason, stating that he wanted to help his son the same way. Michael was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), which can be hereditary. Through family counseling, Joseph and his wife provided basic accommodations in the home to make it easier for Michael to succeed, while the therapist helped the family obtain special services at school. Joseph’s own experience with NFSB had reinforced his belief that his son could benefit from therapy, and the entire family is grateful for the support they’ve received.

As we celebrate 110 years of NFSB in 2023, this story of hope reminds us that multiple generations of Nutley families have benefited from our services. Originally founded to provide mental health services, NFSB has been tested in recent years by ever-increasing demand for counseling, as well as food and other living essentials. While NFSB has managed to expand and enhance programs to meet the moment, contributions from donors like you are imperative to sustaining our services.

In recognition of both our milestone anniversary and the ongoing challenges faced in our community, we have substantially increased our fundraising goal to $110,000. Being there for our neighbors is a 110-year NFSB tradition. They’re counting on us, which means we’re counting on you. They need our support, and we need yours.

The future of NFSB glows with hope because we in Nutley always look out for each other. We’re confident that you’ll step up with a gift to support this wonderful community, and we thank you again for your generosity and kindness.


Dave Popkin,
Board President

Katherine Carmichael,
Executive Director

Making an Impact

Changing Lives

Since 1913, NFSB has supported residents
through two World Wars, the Great Depression, Superstorm Sandy, and the Covid pandemic. Of course, everyday life presents its own challenges with relationships, work, money, and stress. Because the community has always been there for us, we’ve always been there for the community.

As proud as we are of our history, we’re focused on the present and future. We need your help to continue supporting neighbors through our mental health program, case management services, food pantry, and thrift shop.

Please consider a year-end gift to the 2023 annual fund. Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to supporting these much-needed resources right here in our community. Thank you so much for your generosity, compassion, and commitment to helping others!

Making an Impact

Changing Lives

If you would like to download a copy of the letter, you can do that here.