About Us

NFSB has been a steadfast force in community outreach for over 100 years. The organization was founded in 1913 by a group of civic-minded Nutley women who recognized the need for social services “…to promote and improve morally and materially, the condition of the poor in the town of Nutley.” The nature of the agency’s work varied to meet the diverse challenges facing local individuals in the first half of the twentieth century, including the Great Depression, Word Wars I and II. As services and programs offered through government and state agencies improved, NFSB shifted its focus to counseling for individuals and families.

Nutley Family Services Bureau

NFSB continues its characteristic responsiveness to the changing needs of the community into the 21st century. A professionally qualified staff is available for individual, family or group counseling. In addition, the agency offers a broad array of community outreach programs and social service initiatives which impact the lives of individuals throughout the life span. Over 100 years after its inception, NFSB has expanded services into Northern New Jersey, and continues as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing mental health and social services to individuals and families.