Star Ledger Case Studies

Greater Newark Holiday Fund Highlights NFSB Case Histories in Star Ledger, 2018

Nutley Family Service Bureau is one of eleven Northern New Jersey non-profit social service agencies that has been the recipient of Greater Newark Holiday Fund support in recent years. This November, the GNHF highlighted the diverse work of our agency in a series of case histories published in the Star Leger.
Nutley Family Service Bureau Food Pantry: The Real Face of Food Insecurity

My friends and colleagues at work and church always tell me that I am always trying to be super woman, trying to carry the world on my shoulders. As a mom and wife I strive to protect and care for my family of seven and provide my children what they need.

Girl, grandmother find common ground in Nutley Family Service Bureau therapy

Joy came to Nutley Family Service Bureau nine months ago, when her paternal grandmother – who has custody of Joy and her younger brother Sean – sought treatment to help Joy deal with the separation from her birth mother.

Parents grateful to NFSB for being given the opportunity to overcome their obstacles

Christine is a 14 year-old female who has struggled with autism that was not diagnosed properly until she was 11 years old. The diagnosis caused a great deal of distress for her parents and then, they called Nutley Family Service Bureau.

Nutley Family Service Bureau provides a plan for a successful road to recovery

Marie is a 28-year-old, Caucasian woman who sought treatment at Nutley Family Service Bureau after she was released from the county jail. She was incarcerated for 8 months after being charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Nutley Family Service Bureau applies successfully layered, family treatment approach

Delaney is a smart 18-year-old who came to me two years ago with mom. They were clearly suffering from the separation pains that having a boyfriend, planning for college and beginning the driving process commonly cause.