• Madeline’s Story

    Madeline called Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB) seeking therapy after losing her husband to suicide.

    When Madeline came to her first therapy session, She felt lost, angry, and terrified as she grappled with the loss of her husband and the thought of being a single parent to their young son.

    She had so many unanswered questions that left her feeling depressed, restless, and anxious. Madeline’s therapist helped her process her grief and redefine herself.

    She assisted Madeline in developing a support network and adapting healthy coping and parenting skills. Madeline was able to find a way to honor her husband and gain strength and peace through her therapeutic journey.

    Through the support of individual therapy at NFSB, Madeline has successfully accomplished her goals allowing her to live a fulfilling life in her new home with her son.

    Your confidentiality is our priority, please be sure that the names in this article have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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