• Meet the Counselors: Alexandra Brown, MSW, LSW

    Alexandra Brown Nutley Family Service Bureau

    When Alexandra Brown was in high school, she began her personal journey with counseling when she saw a therapist for the first time. She never had a safe space to express her feelings or process her emotions until she started counseling.

    “In that moment, I was able to release my emotions and get them out of the way,” Alexandra said. “I remember asking my counselor back then about her career path because I wanted to help people the same way she helped me.”

    Alexandra went to Morgan State University to pursue her dream, earning Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work (MSW) degrees. She’s also working towards becoming a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and would like to become licensed to practice play therapy.

    Alexandra’s Experience

    During her first internship as an ombudsman at Morgan State, Alexandra advocated for residents’ rights in long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living centers.
    “I would go into these facilities and determine whether residents’ rights were being respected and their care was sufficient,” Alexandra said. “I wanted to make sure there was no abuse or neglect, management was being responsive, and little details were addressed, like an extra blanket or two for a resident who felt cold. If something wasn’t right, I would advocate on their behalf.”

    Alexandra also interned as a clinician for an elementary/middle school’s mental health program. She provided weekly therapy services for sixth graders and diagnosed students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety adjustment disorder, and other mental health disorders. She also created a social group for her clients to interact.

    “Covid was still new at that point,” Alexandra said. “The social group allowed kids from the same school in the same grade to work on their social skills with people who could relate to them. I was so glad that the school continued the program after I left.”

    Drawn to NFSB

    Alexandra always wanted to work at a community-based, family-oriented practice. While she looks forward to the opportunity to work with children and families, she is excited to work with all populations and apply her experience with depression, anxiety adjustment disorder, and solution-focused therapy.

    “I love that NFSB also offers a Food Pantry and case management and can help people in so many areas of their lives,” Alexandra said. “Feelings can quickly take over someone’s life and lead to serious problems. I’m grateful to be able to offer clients an open, safe space where they can express and release those feelings. Working for NFSB gives me a lot of hope for the community.”
    If you or someone you know needs help overcoming mental or emotional challenges, whether everyday stress or a serious crisis, please contact the mental health program at NFSB. We will always respect your privacy. Call 973-667-1884. In-person and telehealth appointments are available right now.

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