• NFSB Introduces Weekly Women’s Group

    It’s no secret that the lack of socialization during the pandemic has been difficult to handle. The breakdown of social circles left many people feeling isolated. Although society is learning to live with the pandemic and most restrictions have been lifted, it can be difficult to understand how to act or what to do next.

    “Several of my clients have told me how Covid forced them to get used to a different way of life,” said Nutley Family Service Bureau (NFSB) clinician Kerry McCann, MPA (Master of Public Administration), MA (Master of Arts), LAC (Licensed Associate Counselor). “Relationships, especially among women, suffered because they couldn’t get together as a group, and they were actively searching for women’s groups in the area. I wanted to provide opportunities for women to reconnect, build new relationships, and get back to socializing in a supportive environment.”

    The experiences of her clients inspired Kerry to lead the creation of NFSB’s weekly Women’s Group for women ages 25 and older. The group meets every Wednesday at 7 pm in the conference room adjacent to The Shop, 169 Chestnut Street in Nutley.

    What You Can Expect

    Women’s Group meetings start with icebreakers, followed by a brief meditation or mindfulness exercise to create a calm, relaxed space. Each meeting will have a topic that Kerry and members of the circle will work through together.

    For example, the first meeting focused on anxiety and socialization during Covid, what changed, and how they feel about moving forward with their lives.

    “The conversation each week is driven by the people in the room,” Kerry said. “This group is about healing and understanding in a welcoming, judgment-free environment. I want women who participate to be comfortable sharing their feelings and thoughts and feel empowered to help each other.”

    Because the group meets every week, participants are likely to start building new relationships, rebuild those that may have suffered during the pandemic, and enjoy the socialization that may have been missing.

    “I’m hoping women come every week and achieve a dynamic that enables them to count on one another,” Kerry said. “I’d like to see them develop relationships so they can continue to support each other in all areas of their lives.”

    Join Us!

    Space is limited, so please register in advance for the weekly Women’s Social Healing Circle! Call The Center at NFSB at 973-667-1884.

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