• Helping A Neighbor In Need Like Ryan And His Family

    Ryan is a 20-year-old college student who started individual therapy services with NFSB during the pandemic with the hopes of improving his academic performance and relationship with his family. Ryan is close with his mother and younger siblings but felt increasingly isolated during the COVID pandemic, forced to participate in his college courses remotely and unable to spend time with his friends on campus. The longer he remained at home the more his anxiety increased, and both his studies and family relationships began to suffer.

    Ryan’s mother grew concerned about the changes she saw in Ryan. She had never considered therapy for her son but knew about the mental health services offered by NFSB from taking part in the annual Nutley Boy Scout Food Drive and encouraged Ryan to give NFSB a call. Soon Ryan began taking advantage of NFSB’s therapeutic services weekly via telehealth.

    It was during therapy that Ryan started to engage in self-exploration and realized that he wanted to be more independent. Ryan had been born with a physical disability and his focus had always been to be as independent as possible despite the challenges he sometimes faced as a result. Even though, Ryan had dreamed of living on campus he had started college as a commuting student, and it wasn’t until he further explored this idea during therapy that it seemed possible.

    Fast forward six months, Ryan’s therapy is now taking place from his new dorm room via telehealth. He is thriving on campus, participating in club activities and social events surrounded once again by his network of friends. Today, Ryan and his family are proud of his progress made possible through the encouragement and support of individual therapy at Nutley Family Service Bureau.

    If you’d like to learn more about the mental tele-health services offered at The Center at NFSB, please visit our website or call 973-667-1884.

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